My Bookshelf

You can save search queries, resource records, person records, and concept records to My Bookshelf for later use. You can create and edit lists to organize your saved items. And, depending on your library, you can view your reading history.

If you sign in, you can view your account information, saved lists, checkouts, holds, fines, and fees.

The following image shows My Bookshelf.

My Bookshelf showing checkouts

Number 1 icon Vega personalizes My Bookshelf when you sign in. Select this tab to see your account information.
Number 2 icon Save resource records, person records, and concept records.
Number 3 icon Save search terms for later use.
Number 4 icon View your reading history.

To use My Bookshelf

  1. To open My Bookshelf, do one of the following:
  • Select the up arrow in the lower-right section of any page.
  • Select the tab that you want to use.
  • Select the Bookmark icon in the upper-right section of the page. (You can also select the Bookmark icon again to close My Bookshelf.)
  1. If desired, drag the top border to adjust the height of My Bookshelf.
  2. On the Search Results page, a Person page, or a Concept page, select the
    For Later The For Later icon. icon to save an item to My Bookshelf.
  3. Do one or more of the following:
  4. Tab Task

    My Bookshelf

    Cancel a hold request

    Freeze or unfreeze holds

    Pay fines and fees

    Renew a checkout

    View or edit your profile


    Export citations

    Manage lists

    Share a resource, person, or concept

    Saved Searches

    Save a search

    Run a saved search

    Update a saved search

    Share a saved search

    Edit the name of a saved search

    Delete a saved search

    Reading History View your reading history

  5. To close My Bookshelf, select either the down arrow or the Bookmark icon in the upper-right section of the page.