Pay fines and fees

You can pay fines and fees from the Fines and Fees tab on My Bookshelf.

Your library can use either PayPal Payflow or a different electronic payment service. If your library uses PayPal, you can choose to pay the full amount or you can pay only the fines and fees you want to pay. If your library uses a different payment service, you must pay the full amount.

Your library may require a minimum payment amount.

To pay fines and fees

  1. On My Bookshelf, select Fines and Fees.
  2. (Optional) If a question mark icon Question mark icon. appears, select the icon to see more information about making payments.
  3. Do one of the following:
  4. If your library uses

    And you want to pay

    Do this

    PayPal The full amount
    • Select Pay Total.

    The PayPal site opens.

    Selected fines and fees
    1. Select the fines or fees you want to pay.
    2. Select Pay Selected.
    3. The PayPal site opens.

    A different payment service The full amount
    • Select Pay Fines.
    • The payment site opens.

  5. Enter your payment information.
  6. Select Pay Now.