Admin Corner

To access Admin Corner, your login must be authorized to use the Admin App application. See Administering Applications for information on assigning applications.

The Admin Corner provides access to additional Sierra administration and configuration functions using a character-based interface. These functions are different from the ones accessed through the web-based Sierra Administration Application.

You can access Admin Corner with the SSH client of your choice. You will need to set up SSH key authentication to establish an SSH connection to your Sierra server. See Setting Up a PuTTY SSH Connection for instructions on how to set up an SSH connection to your Sierra server with the PuTTY software client.

You must log in to Admin Corner. After you log in, Sierra displays a menu of options. Note that the options documented in this section might be located a level or two down in the menu structure.

Customized Menus

Because many sites have customized the menus in Admin Corner, Innovative cannot provide a menu structure or navigational links to the options in this section. Note that options are listed in alphabetical order by page title in the Table of Contents.

If you have questions about your library's customized menu, contact the Sierra administrator at your library.